Monday, September 28, 2009

last letter.

Shelly is SO BUSY lately. But here are a few golden pieces from her last email. p.s. I updated her contact info if you want to write her!

A couple days ago we were traveling in bus and the bus pulled up completely full. No matter, we got in anyway. The door literally squished me in, I couldn't have pushed myself in without the help of the door. It was so hilarious. My feet were practically not touching the ground and I wasn't holding onto anything, just suspended in the air by bodies. With every jolt (and there are A LOT OF JOLTS when you're driving in Ecuador), we just leaned on each other. Me, and a whole bunch of Ecuadorians. My companion was jealous that I was the tallest one in the bus, she was down in the war zone, where I could at least breathe. Haha!

I just want to end by bearing my testimony. I love the Gospel so much, and I know that the truths bring happiness and joy to our lives. Without it we really are lost. I hope to become a better missionary every day. We are supposed to contact at least 15 people a day and introduce them to the Gospel. I am finally feeling confident to do it on my own in Spanish. I still did it before, but it usually wasn't too fruitful because I couldn't communicate very well. But It's starting to come better each day. Just pray for me that I will improve in the language, and more importantly spiritually every day.

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