Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Latest News from Quito

Shelly was just made a Senior companion, so understandably she was somewhat nervous about that! Things are going really well though and she says she feels like she works better as a Senior companion. We love and miss her so much. 5 1/2 months!!!!

Hi family!

How are you all? This week has been insane. I literally woke up one morning and thought I was going to have a heart attack for the worry and stress I was feeling. I had a dream that an Elder got hit by a car and I didn´t answer my phone so I had no idea until the next day. It was terrible! But I said a prayer and immediately felt comfort. I have felt worried and stressed so much because there is so much to do! But, it is amazing how the Lord helps me. It´s not that the work goes away, but he will comfort me and I feel that it is possible. One thing I am learning is that all I can do is do my best. I have to be happy with myself if I´ve done my best. I will never be able to do everything perfectly the way I want to. But I can do my best, and I can and must be content with that.

This week we had a beautiful baptism of three people. It was so wonderful. My companion is amazing. I love her so much! She is so practical, smart, creative, loving, and patient with me. SHe has an accent like an argentine. It´s crazy how alike we think. We finish each other´s sentences, even though we have different languages. She is so great, and she already loves our investigators so much.

President Sloan got sick this week and went to the hospital. We went there about 8Ñ45 at night on Friday, and he could hardly breathe for the pain he was in. Come to find out he has pneumonia really badly. Anyway, we were in the hospital trying to get them to attend to him until 1 am. It has been crazy trying to balance the two callings and still meet the expected numbers of lessons, new investigators, etc.

I was supposed to be in Esmeraldas this week and my companion was going to stay with some other hermanas in another district. This morning I said goodbye to my companion and we got on the bus. We were leaving Quito and I just felt so strongly that I should stay and make sure everything is ok with President Sloan because he´s still in the hospital. (was in the ICU). I descended off the bus just like that and all the office staff totally supported the decision. I feel like he needs someone to advocate for him because the staff the other night was pathetic. He is improving, but still has quite a bit of fluid in his lungs. The Area doctor is coming here on Wednesday and he and I are going to travel around Quito all day Thursday scouting out clinicas. Should be fun, he is a go-getter. My companion is going to go on divisions in our sector.

My letter is all over the place, as always. I love you all so much. Thank you for your support. I love love you all and wish I could write better letters so you would have a better idea of what I´m doing here...I am loving the people more and more as my Spanish improves. I have a couple investigators that feel like my family, it is amazing to share spiritual experiences with people and see how the Gospel can better their lives.

Love and hugs a todos,

Hermana Groesbeck!

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