Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 things Shelly did this week

I am the worst sister ever. Every time I write Michelley I just talk about all the fun things we'll do when she gets home. Oops! Enjoy :)

Here are 5 things we did this week:

1. Right as we were inviting Lucresia Rodriguez, a really great new investigator to get baptised on the 20th of November, her neighbor a Jehovah´s witness came through the door and sat down. Started bickering about who knows what, wanting us to recite the 10 commandments from memory, challenging everything we said, and being a little devil! I was so mad! We really just listened and didn´t contend, but as we were leaving I said, ¨you will be judged out of the words of this book (holding the Book of Mormon), thanks, we have to go!¨. It was kinda funny. But really annoying! She was going to say yes!! And since then, we keep missing each other and haven´t been able to teach her again yet. Don´t worry, we will. Appointment tomorrow.

2. We helped a drunk lady get to her house, took her liquor away from her and dumped it out! She was super old and so cute, poor thing. She was so grateful and kept hugging us when we got to her house. She probably would´ve gotten hit by a car out there on the street stumbling around.

3. Talked to a member of the church who was asking us what he can do to someday become the Prophet.

4. Spent almost all day Saturday making phone calls for 5 sick missionaries that called us, one we had to call his family and send him to the clinic for chest pain, which now is apparently an inflamed nerve? Good news is, all is well with them. And, we got some action for Hermana Rodgers.

5. Had an amazing Stake Conference on Sunday where I got to see all the Iñaquito people. An area seventy came Elder Mestre, and he held a meeting of new converts before the general meeting. Hermana Sloan said that El Eden ward (our ward), had a really good showing and everyone was there on time. Our ward is so great. The members helped all the new converts know where the stake center was, etc. I was proud :)

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