Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hola y Adios!

Welcome friends!
It's the night before I embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Yes, I have officially been crowned with the title of 'Hermana Groesbeck,' after which I began asking myself all sorts of questions about what I can and cannot do. One of these being, "wait...so...can I eat?" Thankfully I will NOT be required to participate in an 18 month fast, but I am feeling slightly different about this whole thing. In a good way :)
I will be serving in the Ecuador, Quito Mission as a proselyting missionary and also as the mission nurse. Yes, I realize I may be hearing a lot of whining or horrific tales of symptoms I didn't know existed. And yes, I am excited about it.
My sister Rebbie will be updating my blog with pictures and excerpts from my letters so I hope you enjoy! Thank you everyone for your love and support. I will miss you all but not as much as I'm sure you'll miss me :) I would love to hear from any and all who feel so inclined as to write. Ciao!


  1. Ah yes...the first to comment! First, I hope you really get serious on your mission Michelle. Not wanting to fast for 18 months? Where's your dedication?! You will most certainly be missed! Live it up with those Ecuadorians. They are wonderful peeps! Hasta la pasta Hermanasa!

  2. I love the blog title! And I love you! You will be awesome. Good luck. And don't catch the swine flu in the MTC.

  3. You are going to be a fabulous missionary!

  4. michelle,
    you'll be the best missionary quito has seen yet!

  5. i will miss you. and you will be amazing. love you lots michelly.

  6. Hey this is Kasse Evans (BYLUND) I'm so sad I missed your farewell I really wanted to be there! If you would like to be invited to see my blog (groesbeck fam) email me your email to kasse_bylund@hotmail.com.