Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week 2.5

Michelley is still healthy and happy in the MTC, it is still insane to think she is right there! She talks about the Elders being slightly less mature than her and being "baffled by my age and single-ness."

Here's a quick story about her Spanish teacher:

We have two teachers, one is a native from Mexico City named Hermano Osuna, and I think he will be translated soon. He is seriously the most humble, hilarious, teacher ever. Then our other teacher is Hermana Watterson who is from Sandy and she is so good at teaching us Spanisha nd whipping our Elders into shape. They don't really like her :) But she has Mono and has been getting sick a lot, so we have been having substitutes all the time. I think we've had 12 teachers! We've had some really good ones though. One was from London. It was hilarious because he came in speaking Spanish and then about 15 minutes into class he asked to speak in English and he totally had a British accent! it was so weird to hear after Spanish. One of the Elders busted out laughing and goes, "I'm sorry, but that accent is tight, man". So Elder-like. I'm not trying to bash on Elders, I know some really good ones, but we got a group who are going through a mighty change to become what they need to be :)

She is doing great and loving it. Here are some pictures from her last days here

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