Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Hello from the Empty Sea"

Here is a little blurb from shelly's latest email that i loved. I'm starting to realize she's really not coming home any time soon. Sadness :(

This week for our "Task" we taught the Plan of Salvation, including the Word of Wisdom to a girl who volunteers to act as an investigator. She was way too nice to us (she's leaving on a mission in August) but it was really good because my Companion and I are getting to a point where we're seeing some progress in our ability to teach together. We had to teach her to pray in Spanish first (the lesson was in English), and that part went so much better this week. We figured out a system. My companion plans out sentences to say, and then I interject with thought-provoking questions (ideally...) inbetween her memorized sentences. That way, I don't get nervous and dominate the conversation with terrible Spanish, and she doesn't get nervous and stay silent. Actually, I take that back, we both still get nervous, but at least we were both participating. I know we will have to get to a point where we aren't memorizing, but I felt encouraged after this week because my Companion felt encouraged. In the past she has felt really discouraged after those appointments. Honestly though, she is doing amazingly well with Spanish. The only reason i have an easier time is because I've had exposure before. But she is so cute about it. Constantly trying new sentences, and she is so determined to learn it. I love it. By the way Dave, i'm pretty sure i messed up a lot in that Spanish letter I wrote you...after leaving I thought of all these mistakes i had made. Haha! I think I told you to have paz with me...I meant paciencia. But not to get sidetracked. It was really fun teaching the Word of Wisdom because of the blessings that are promised from living that law. I know that could potentially be a really hard one, but I just love the scriptures about it.

Another cool thing we did this week was we got to do a video conference with the director of training at the M.T.C. in Peru. He and his wife are native Peruvians, don't speak English. We were really nervous, but it was actually a really cool experience. We each shared a spiritual thought with them (6 of us) in Spanish and then talked about what we had learned in the M.T.C. They told us that no matter where you go Hispanic culture is to be open and loving with their feelings. They said, "just talk and they will understand! They will love you!" The scripture I shared was Alma 26:35. Then i asked them about their conversion story, and I only understood parts of what they said....but I think we understood each other for the most part.

All in all, everything here is going well. I have so much to learn and so much room to grow as a missionary. But I get more excited every day to go to Ecuador! Am i really going there? It kinda seems like it's never going to happen...say prayers for me! I say them for all of you all the time. Give all the kids hugs! The Church is true, and lots of people need it. Love you all!

She says she's sending pictures home so I will post them asap! Pray for our shelly baggers.


  1. Michelle! You are adorable and I bet you are the best companion! I'm glad to hear that you're liking Spanish...Ada and I are working on our spanish :)

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  3. Michelle you know your not going to Ecuador right?, your going to Ghana!