Monday, March 8, 2010

Alive and well!

I am the worst sister in the world. It has been months since I've updated the blog but she is doing really great! The evidence is in the poor English. Anyway, enjoy!


Wow. Another week has gone by. I love being here on a mission. It is so amazing. I can´t even tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity. I love teaching the Gospel, it just makes sense. This week Teresa and David and their family have progressed so much. On Monday they did a family home evening and we were only guests. The whole time they were looking at us to make sure they were doing it right, and they did so well! We played some crazy game invented by Esteban (the 9 year old) with animal noises? We laughed so hard. Later in the week Teresa told us about her aunt that committed suicide, asking us what happens to those people. I printed off a talk by Elder Ballard ¨Some Things We Know, Others We Do Not¨, but that day we talked about Baptisms for the Dead. She said she has been having dreams of her aunt saying that she is fine, but she just needs help. Many times she has said, please just help me. Oh I get chills just thinking about it. Now Teresa knows what she needs. Man, I love that family. We have worked so hard for their baptism. Finally the Divorce is in process, but it could take 4-6 months to go through. I can´t wait for that day when they get baptized!

Another small miracle, Lourdes. She has now introduced us to 3 of her friends to teach the Gospel, one that came with her whole family to Church on Sunday. Lourdes bore her testimony talking about how happy she is in the Gospel, and shared the Scripture in 2 ne 32:9 about prayer. She says she knows she has found the true church and even though her husband is not with her in the church, she knows he will be one day. She is on fire. She came to a presentation we did in a park on Sunday and was the only member of our ward there, ushering people from station to station and helping us get referrals. I am amazed by her. She has some inactive friends that are in our ward (friends for a long time) and she is always motivating them to go to Church. She has not missed a Sunday. We only went to get her for Church one day. She was one prepared lady. You will have to meet her one day.

Leandro is still on for baptism this Saturday. I am also very impressed by him. This week we taught him all the doozies...tithing, word of wisdom and law of chastity. When we committed him to live the law of Chastity he just says, well, I have to. HIs attitude is pretty impressive. He knows the Church is true, so he can´t argue or be disobedient to the laws. He is 18 years old! And his family are not progressing, but he is as dedicated as ever. Also arrives to church on his own.

I know there are more people out there prepared. This week my companion and I have grown together I think. I tried to give her a small suggestion with teaching, and she got really offended and cried. I promise I wasn´t rude! She is very sensitive. But, it was actually something that we were able to work through and I think our companionship is stronger for it. I am trying to help her and our companionship, and I think she understands that now. She is a convert and has had a hard life. Her brother died while she was here in the mission from alcoholism. Her other family are members, but she is the only missionary and actually her Mom doesn´t even know how to read (but is a very faithful member of the Church). There have been a couple other doctrinal woops (ten is the age of baptism, our spirit leaves our body when we don´t take the Sacrament every week), and things like that. But she has such a good heart and I am so impressed with how much she knows of the Scriptures with how long she´s been a member.

Well, I am happy. Things in the nursing world have calmed down a bit, President Sloan really seems to be almost better, he is doing really well. One Elder had Dengue this week, so I was charged with comforting him over the phone. Not much in the medical world, thankfully.

Pray for me, I need it! I always pray for you guys.

Lots of love,
Hermana G

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