Monday, April 12, 2010

update from shellita. so funny.

It´s Mom´s Birthday!!!

She said something about an Ipad...what in the world is that? I really am out of the loop! From my 24 years of new generation wisdom I do know that with an I- in the front it is some new contraption from Mac. But what could it be? Ipad. I¨m thinking laptop? Really small, sleek, maybe you only have to do voice commands for it to compute? Please fill me in.

So, this week was a very good week. We met some really good people. Ran into my first Jehovah´s Witness who threw out the 1,144 people saved scripture. I already forgot where it is. Revelation somewhere. 14 I think. Anyway, It´s really interesting talking about the Gospel with so many different people. It really makes you think about the things you´ve always believed your whole life. The amazing thing about the Gospel is, the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. I love that our challenge (Moroni started this challenge) is to try it out for yourself. No one is trying to convince anyone, but just trying to show them how to realize the truth. And God will show us the truth, the test has been tried and true. The formula works - read, meditate, pray, ask, sincere heart, real intent, Holy Ghost, conversion.

I haven´t moved yet, I will be moving next week, getting a new companion, and moving about 3 miles away. What a hassle for only three miles. But like you all say, I think it will be good for me.

It´s so hard to know what to write in these letters. I wish I could just take you all out with me one day, to see what it´s like! It´s so amazing. I really do love love being a missionary. I am so happy I am here. I am so happy to be with Hermana Sacalxot, she has taught me so much. Really, I have learned a lot about myself being with her.

Mom asked me what my favorite thing is to eat here. I don´t know. I like Patacones. They are bananas (but the green ones, here there are a million different types of bananas), but fried and hard. They sound disgusting, but they are really good. They eat soup before every meal, without fail. A lot of corn, but not the way we eat it. Honestly, my favorite food I´ve had is from the Cubans. Man, they know how to eat. But I really do like Ecuadorian food! Ceviche is mas o menos, not my favorite, but pretty good. That is the most traditional dish. For Easter they eat Fanesca, I really like that actually. You´ll just have to come and see what they eat!

I´m going to end my epistle and send some photos. Love to all sorry for the non-exciting letter, I´ve had a good, regular week and am really happy and love reading your letters! Thank you for writing, please keep writing!


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